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Why We Love Cauliflower – Its Benefits and Enduring Popularit

We’re all about taking care of your body while loving what you eat, which is why we often use cauliflower in our products. In addition to being delicious, cauliflower’s health benefits are far-reaching and diverse. In this post, we’ll briefly explain why this fantastic veggie became so popular and why cauliflower’s nutritional profile makes it our go-to.

Why is Cauliflower So Popular?

Walk into any grocery store and you’ll find tons of products that use cauliflower. What used to be a boring dinner side has now taken center-stage as an entrée at upscale restaurants. Here’s why:

It’s versatile.

Cauliflower is delicious eaten raw or dipped. But it can also be prepared steamed, roasted, pureed, mashed, grated, riced, or even grilled and served like a steak.

It has a neutral flavour.

Unlike its cousin broccoli, cauliflower can easily blend in with other flavours and textures. You can season it however you like, which makes it easy to whip into something delicious.

It’s a great substitute for other foods.

People on gluten-free diets often turn to cauliflower as a substitute for pasta or gnocchi. Cauliflower rice is a great substitute for (or complement to) rice or other grains.

Cauliflower’s Health Benefits


A single helping of cauliflower has 100% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C, which is crucial for DNA repair and producing collagen and serotonin (both of which are vital for mood regulation and healthy sleep). Vitamin C also supports your immune system.

Cauliflower also packs a healthy punch of vitamin K, which is essential for bone health, and choline, which supports sleep, memory, learning, and muscle movement. In addition to these key nutrients, cauliflower has a handful of other nutrients like B vitamins, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

High fibre content

First and foremost, fiber helps keep you full – which is ultimately want from our food, right? Getting enough fiber also helps support digestive health and bowel regularity, so you stay comfortable throughout the day.

But fiber also supports a healthy gut flora, encouraging good critters to thrive in your digestive tract. A healthy microbiome helps keep inflammation in check, supports your immune system, and helps regulate your mood.

Protective against chronic diseases

Cauliflower helps prevent heart disease and cancer, the 2 most common causes of death in the United States. This is thanks to glucosinolates, which are broken down during digestion into cancer-fighting compounds. They also prevent cell damage and control inflammation.

Eating enough cruciferous veggies (including cauliflower) helps protect the blood vessels. In fact, among women, eating a lot of cruciferous veggies has been linked to a lower risk of the hardening of the arteries. This, in turn, protects against heart disease.

We’re all about consciously choosing foods that support overall health and well-being while being delicious. Thanks to its rich nutritional profile and status as a culinary jack-of-all-trades, it’s no wonder we often find ourselves reaching for cauliflower when it’s time to whip up a recipe or develop a new product.