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Behind the "NO COmpromise"

NOCO stands for no compromise — we believe in healthy and delicious food made without compromising on flavour or clean ingredients. We make nutrient-dense versions of your favourite comfort foods, that are all natural, sugar free, dairy free, wheat Free and non GMO.

Owner, Mel, started her own health journey a few years ago when she wanted to improve her mental and physical health and kick diet culture. As a food lover and cook, she didn't want to compromise on eating her favourite comfort foods while navigating what effected her mental and physical health. She saw a gap in the market for really tasty versions of comfort food. Most were filled with ingredients that either spiked glycemic index, gave her brain fog or just didn't taste that great.
For example, a lot of pestos on the market (along with a ton of other products containing oil as an ingredient) are made with canola oil, even if they call out that it's "made with olive oil" on the packaging! Canola oil and other refined oils have been shown to cause inflammation leading to brain fog. Our 'Basil Walnut Pesto' is made with extra virgin olive oil, which is not refined, is anti inflammatory, provides many disease-fighting antioxidants and is good for your heart.
We also don't use any dairy in our products, since dairy has shown to have a direct correlation with anxiety and mood changes. Instead we use nutritional yeast, which is a complete protein and rich in vitamin B. NOCO products are made so you can stop counting calories, or labeling food as "good or bad" and start eating more mindfully, fuelling yourself with nutritious food that tastes amazing, keeps you full for longer and improves the gut for better mental and physical health.
We also don't compromise on our practices. No cutting corners! All recipes were rigorously tested with feedback from early customers, resulting in the best tasting version that leaves them feeling energized and satisfied. We really believe in being transparent with our customers, whether that's sharing the ingredients on the front of our package (since we aren't hiding anything!), or taking feedback on product taste and how they felt after eating to implement changes to get it just right. We are not just a food company, we are building a community where people can feel a sense of comfort when it comes to food and what they are putting in their body.